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Opening Titles[edit | edit source]

  • "Walt Disney's Bambi: The Magic Behind the Masterpiece'

Ending Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Produced by: Walt Disney Home Video - in association with: TV IS OK Productions
  • Produced and Written by: Phil Savenick, Harry Arends
  • Edited by: Joseph Kleinman, Robert P. Schneider
  • Production Coordinator: Kyle D. brown
  • Assistant Editor: Eric Sanford
  • Narrated by: Corey Burton
  • Post Production Services: Allpost Inc., Bakery Recording Studio, Complete Post, Inc.
  • Additional Footage Provided by: Sherman Grinberg Film Libraries
  • Special Thanks to: Jon Baker, Peter Behn, Marc Davis, Darryl Harris, Ollie Jojnston, Mark Kausler, Scott MacQueen, Vivien Procopio, Dave Smith, Lella Smith, Ed Squair, Frank Thomas, Randy Thornton, Robert Tieman, Keith Wainwright
  • This program is the result of the talents of many creative people at Walt Disney Studios.
  • The contributions of the Animation Staff, Walt Disney Archives and Walt Disney Animation Research Library are particularly appreciated.
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