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Supervising Producers
Andy Heyward
Len Janson
Chuck Menville

Executive Consultants
Ivan Reitman
Bernie Brillstein

Creative Consultant
Robby London

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Will Meugniot

Executive in Charge of Production
Richard Raynis

Executive in Charge of
Production Management
Winnie Chaffee

Assisted by
Dawn M. Jackson

Story Editor
Len Janson
Chuck Menville

Script Coordinator
Lori Crawford

Assisted by
Lynn Helsel
William A. Ruiz

Voice Director
Marsha Goodman

Talent Coordinator
Rick Dempsey

Recording Assistants
Madeleine Bascom
Mark McCorkle
Victor Villegas

Frank Welker as "Slimer"
Dave Coulier
Buster Jones
Maurice Lamarche
Kath Soucie
as "The Ghostbusters"

Charlie Adler
Jeff Altman
Faye De Witt
Cree Summer Francks
April Hong
Katie Leigh
Danny Mann
Jeff Marder
Danny McMurphy
Alan Oppenheimer

Additional Cast
Lewis Arquette
June Foray
Rob Paulson
B.J. Ward

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Supervising Associate Producer
Gaetano Vaccaro

Production Coordinators
Edward Anop
Clancy Fort
Eric Heitsman
Robert Michael Silver

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Art Director
Alex Stevens

Storyboard Supervisor
Stan Phillips

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Storyboard Artists
Frank Paur
Don Manuel
Bill Barry
Brian Chin
Larry Dallas
Tim Burgard
Rick Hoberg
Patricia Wong

Storyboards Clean-Up
Vincent Waller
Pat Agnasin

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Character Designers
Bob Camp
Charles Crawford
Paula La Fond
Everett Peck
Bruce Timm

Prop Designers
Russell Chong

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Background Designers
Andre Clavel
Bruce Zick

Color Background Painters
Timothy Barnes
Greg Battes
Abel Laxamana

Color Key Artist
Patricia Martinez
Kevin Grimm
Carol Wyatt

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Lip Assignment Animator
Bill Knoll

Hatsue Abe
Minoru Terao

"The Real Ghostbusters"
Animation Produced By
Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

Animation Supervised By
Masayuki Akehi
Osamu Kasai
Takeshi Torimoto

Production Liaison
Pico Hozumi

Executive in Charge of Post Production
Thierry P. Laurin

Assisted by
Kimberly R. Cronin

Supervising Sound Editor
Richard Bruce Elliott

Dialogue Editors
Richard S. Cannon
Gregory K. Bowron
Michelle R. Rochester
Robert T. Gillis
Elvida Abella

Format Editors
Lars Floden
Susan L. Vovsi

Supervising Music Editor
Stuart Coetz

Music Editors
Peter Collier
George Probert

Sound Effects by
Zound FX
Russell Brower

Rerecording Mixer
Jim Hodson
Michael Mancini

Videotape Supervisors
Phil R. Defibaugh
Kim Beresford

Supervising Sound Engineer
Michael J. Cowan

Assistant Editors
Karen S. Rosenbloom
Donald P. Zappala

Post Production Coordinators
Firooz Adelamini
Mark A. Tracy

Written by
Ray Parker Jr.
Performed by
John Smith

Music by
Haim Saban
Shuki Levy

Based on the Motion Picture

Characters Created by:
Dan Aykroyd
Harold Ramis

Executives Producers
Michael C. Gross
Joe Medjuck

©1988 Columbia Pictures Television,
a division of C.P.T. Holdings, Inc.
All Rights Reserved