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Danielle Schneider

Executive Producers

Syd Vinnedge

Chas. Floyd Johnson

Executive Producers

Rob McElhenney

Charlie Day

Glenn Howerton

Co-Executive Producers

Rachel Reynolds

Amber Lancaster

Directed by

Bart Eskander

The Following Suppliers of Products or Services Have Paid or Furnished Them Free or at Less Than Retail for Their Use and Promotion:

Tassi LLC.

Bayer Corporation

Li Destri Foods

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

The Coleman Company, Inc.

Star Ford

Ken Crane's Big Screen TVs

Sitting Pretty

Prospot Fitness, Inc.

Fisher & Paykell Appliances

Hoshino USA, Inc.

Dell, Inc.

Catalina Yachts

Westoaks Chrysler Dodge

C.A. Robinson & Co.

Wilding Wallbeds

Kolbe Cycle Sales

Mikaelian & Sons Inc.

NWA Worldvacations

Vtech Communications, Inc.

Michael C. Fina

Jasmina Toshkova and Models' Wardrobe Provided by


Rob McElhenney's Wardrobe Provided by

B · Bill Blass. Menswear

Tamsen Fadal's Wardrobe provided by

Fully Dodson

Models' Jewerly Provided by

Peace & Love

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Senior Producer

Dillon Couvillon


Roger Dobkowitz


Kathy Greco

Stan Blits

Sue MacIntyre

Associate Producer

Adam Sandler

Associate Director

Fred Witten

Production Designer

Bente Christensen-Dukes

Lighting Designer

Tim Sheldon

Stage Managers

Steve Hollander

Doug Quick

Adam Sandler

Tracy Eskander

Production Coordinators

Karen Russak Wohlmuth

Gina Edwards Nyman

Jeff Thisted

Script Coordinator

Vanessa Voss

COVID-19 Coordinator

Chris Tamburrino

Production Accountants

Kevin Woodward

Cori Large

Production Assistants

Tiffany Bors

Scott Robinson

Music Arranged by

Ray Monk

Studio Manager

Dave Fisher

Technical Director

Glenn A. Koch


Don Skinner


Allen Latter

Keven Scotti

Camera Operators

Wayne Getchell

Edward Nelson

Jamie Cantrell

Keeth Lawrence

Quinn de Varona

Marty Wagner

Graphic Artist

Dan Boland

Electronic Graphics

Sharon Hadley O'Daniel

Linda Lawrence

Vanessa McCoy

Video Tape Editor

Gary Chamberlin


Glan Poland

Set Decorators

Richard Domabyl

Ron Lane


Carol Wood


Mira Wilder

Costume Stylist

Robin Gurney

Production Executives for RCG

Matt Shakman

Randall Einhorn

Dave Chernin

Line Producer

Evie Quante

Executive in Charge of Production

Carole Lombardo


Rob McElhenney

Assistant Host

Lauren Zima


Kirk Bevins


Jasmina Toshkova

Fely Irvine

Hostess and Co-Executive Producer

Tamsen Fadal


Robin Abrahams

Jill Abramson

Caroline Iverson Ackerman

Mariah Carey

Girls Tyme

April LaChelle

Debbie James

Carmen Carrera

Symba Smith

Karen Adams


Gabrielle Tuite

Lanisha Cole

Phire Dawson

Tami Donaldson

Zubaydah Donaldson

Chantel Dubay

Jennifer England

Anitra Ford

Lisa Gleave

Jesse Golden

Ashley Guerrero

Teri Harrison

Holly Hallstrom

Amber Lancaster

Tamiko Nash

Rachel Reynolds

Brandi Sherwood


Rich Fields (intro, etc.)

Charlie Day (CBS spit screen Credits)

Produced and Recorded at

Bob Barker Studio

Television City Studios

Hollywood, California

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The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular

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