The following suppliers of prizes have paid for their use and promotion:

Blistex, Inc.


Spencer's Inc.

Minnetonka, Inc.

Thompson Medical Co.

Bert Convy's Wardrobe Provided by

Giorgio, Beverly Hills

A Mark Goodson Production

Executive Producer

Paul Alter


Mimi O'Brien

Robert Sherman

Directed by

Paul Alter

Production Manager

Marti Cone

Executive in Charge of Talent

Howard Hinderstein

Creative Consultants

Theodore Cooper

Chester Feldman

Assistant Celebrity Coordinator

Sarajane Smollin

Editorial Staff

Dick De Bartolo

Elliott Feldman

Marsha Keets Morris

Nancy Ann Shapiro

Production Assistants

Ellen Grinstein

Sherry Hilber

Music by

Score Productions

Art Directors

James J. Agazzi

Jack Stewart

Associate Director

Lee E. Posselt

Production Supervisor

Irwin T. Barnette

Lighting Director

Tony Cestare

Technical Director

Chuck Guzzi


Ray Lignowski

Video Tape Editor

Greg Adams


Robert Bosio

Stage Managers

Sid Grossfeld

Shawn Shea

CBS Recorded at Television City Hollywood, California


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