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"Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

Supervising Producers

Alan Burnett

Denys Cowan

Swinton O. Scott III

J.C. Cheng

Written by

Matt Wayne

Directed by

Chuck Drost

Story Editor

Dwayne McDuffie

Music by

Gousse and Big Tank

"Static Shock Superhero" Theme

Written by

Lil' Romeo

Master P

Performed by

Lil' Romeo

Courtesy of The New No Limit Records

Main Title Design

Alan Burnett

Denys Cowan

Chuck Drost

Scott Jeralds

Swinton O. Scott III

Kirk Van Wormer

Main Title Animation

Dongwoo Animation Co., Ltd.

Casting and Voice Direction

Andrea Romano

Starring the Voices of

Phil LaMarr as Virgil Hawkins/Static

Jason Marsden as Richie Foley/Gear

Michelle Morgan as Sharon

John DiMaggio as Tarmack

Kerrigan Mahan as Edwin Alva

Kadeem Hardison as Adam/Rubberband Man

Michael Rosenbaum as Trapper

Patton Oswalt as Specs

Static Created by

Dwayne McDuffie

Derek T. Dingle

Denys Cowan

Michael Davis

For Milestone Media published by DC Comics

Animation Timing Supervisor

Karen Peterson

Animation Timing Directors

Brian Hogan

Kevin Petrilak

Robert Tyler


Jennifer Graves

Brandon McKinney

James K. Yang

Storyboard Revisionists

Curtis Cim

Kirk Van Wormer

Character Designs

Andy Chiang

Glenn Wong

Darrel Bowen

Background Designs

Frederick Kim

Tec J. Manalac

Additional Model Designs

Enzo Baldi

Holly Boruck

Philip Bourassa

Lance Falk

Robert Harand

Mark Lewis

Dexter Reed

Lead Background Painters

Rozalina Tchouchev

Chris Duncan

Additional Background Paint

Ken Dampier

Craig Gardener

Jamal Sullivan

Production Managers

Pam Areseneau

Stefanie Abramson

Animation Coordinators

Jenny Shen

Chris S. Gonzales

Script Coordinator

Nancy French

Director of Ink & Paint

Gene DuBois

Color Key

Pamela Long


Eric Nordberg

Animation Checking

Jan Browning

Susan Burke

Chuck Gefre

Karl Jacobs

Chuck Martin

Denise M. Mitchell

Justin Schultz

Vice President of Post Production

Tim Iverson

Post Production Supervisor

Bonnie Buckner

Post Production Coordinator

Michael Miscio

Film Editors

Margaret Hou

Myra Owyang

Director of Technical Operations

Bradford H. Keatts

Assistant to Production Manager of Technical Operations

John Voralik

Supervising Online Editor

Bradford H. Keatts

Online Editor

Tony Tedford

Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor

Mark A. Keatts

Dialogue/ADR Editors

Kelly Ann Foley

Kerry Iverson

Mark Keefer

Charles Smith

Recording Facility

Warner Bros. Animation

Supervising Recording Engineer

Edwin O. Collins

Recording Machine Operators

Jeff O. Collins

Christopher D. Lozinski

Preston Oliver

Sound Reading

Carol Iverson

Fred Salinas

Post Production Audio Services

Glenwood Editorial, Inc.

Re-Recording Studio

Glenwood Place Studios

Re-Recording Mixers

Brad Brock

Timothy Garrity

Supervising SFX Editor

Jason Freedman

Sound Editor

Glen Oyabe


Kenny Takahashi

Animation Services

Dong Yang Animation Co., Ltd.

Koko Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Supervising Directors

Yong Ho Kim

Yun Jae Go

Eung Hwan Oh

Yang Me Sun

Key Animations

Hoon Jeong

In Jeong

Chul Woong Lee

Tae Ho Han

Jung Sook Moon

Nam Hee Song

Layout Artists

Hae Sang Jeong

In Chul Jeong

Bum Gil Lee

Model Checkers

Moon Soo Lee

Kyung Ho Kim

Color Stylist

Jin Me Kim


Sung Ho Jo

Eun Hee Lee

Production Staff

Hyung Joo Jeon

Jong Tae Kim

Overseas Coordinators

Hyeh Yeon Min

Kris Yoon

Production Administrators

Susan Chieco

Tammy Davis

Michael Diaz

Marci Gray

Linda Moore

Jacqueline Olsommer

Mary Parkinson

Amy E. Wagner

Thommy Wojciechowski

Casting Administrator

Liz Carroll

Production Accounting

Athena Christianakis

Luisa Guzman

Business and Legal Affairs

Dan Butler

Debi Dean

Michael Lalla

Bonnie Negrate

Peter Steckelman

Katrina Waters

Vice President of Music

Suzi Civita

Production Supervision

Margaret M. Dean

Toshi Hiruma

Howard Schwartz

Development and Creative Supervision

Kim Christianson

Christopher Keenan

Roland Poindexter

Production Management

Andy Lewis

Executive Producer

Sander Schwartz

This Motion Picture is made under the laws of United States of America and other Countries.

Any Unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition, or use may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

(C) 2004 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc..

All Rights Reserved


STATIC SHOCK and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and (C) DC Comics.

County of first publication United States of America

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Is the author of this film/Motion Picture of Article 15(2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

Warner Bros. Animation