Developed by

Jim Jinkins & David Campbell

Based on the Books Created by

Griff and Ticktock Publishing, LTD.

Executive Producers

Jin Jinkins

David Campbell

Supervising Producer

Jack Spillum

Directed by

Jeff Buckland

Produced by

Melanie Grisanti

Story Editor

Andy Yerkes

Written by

"Shell Gamw"

Jill Cozza

"Sheep and a Haircut"

Michelle Ferraiolo Calvin

Production Manager

Tina Moglia

Script Manager

Jill Cozza


Jessica D. Stone


Charles Shaughnessy


Also Starring

Kassie DaPavia

Kelsey Kemper

David Landsberg

Ariadne Meyers

Rene Mujica

Dan Sawyer

Hynden Walch

Voice Director

Kent Meredith

Talent Manager

Tsukasa Nakamori

Main Title Theme by

Peter Luyre

Performed by

Baha Man

Baha Men appears courtesy of S-Curve Records

Musical Score by

Stuart Kollmorgen

"Great Big Book" Song by

Dan Sawyer and Mark York

Art Director

Pat Giles

Design Coordinator

Helen Jen

Character/Prop Designers

Tony DiStefanio

Keith Gardner

Bradley Rodriguez

Background Designers

Kim Miskoe

Chris Palesty

Storyboards by

"Shell Game"

Stephanie Martiniere and Nicole Hatch

"Sheep and a Haircut"

Bob Calvin III

Storyboard Supervisor

Diane Kredensor

Storyboard Revisions

Keith R. Conroy

Mike Speranza

Irene Wu

Storyboard Coordinator

Michelle Ferraiolo Calvin

Storyboard Slugging

My Chatterton

Sheet Timing

Scott and Kathy Fiander

Mouth Expourses

John Schnall

Color Supervisor

Paul Zdanowicz

Color Stylists

Doug Condon

Candi Harrah

Production Interns

Salin Lovin

Jason Harper

Jael Topek

Production Assistants

Evan Kindley

Waybe LaForme, Jr.

Script Assistant

IvyGail McCormick

Timing Supervisor

John Schnall

Animatic Coordinator

Fabiana Ferreira

Track Reading

Dale Barry

Overseas Animation Studio

Plus One Animation

Animation Director

Choon Man Lee

Overseas Animation Supervisor

Bob Arkwright

Overseas Layout Supervisor

Marcus Wagenfuher


Daniel J. Rosen

Post Production Supervisor

Masako Kanayama

Recording Studio

L.A. Studios

Recording Engineer

Paul McGrath

Dialogue Editors

David Guerrero

Stavros Stavrpoulos

Sound Design

Pomann Sound

Supervising SFX Editor

Ryab Heiferman

Dubbing Mixer

Aria Boediman

Video Supervisor

Frank Drucker

Online Editor

Pat Kelleher


Roger Doran

"Stanley" was developed in Consultant with members of the Cognitive Skill Group of Project Zero at Harvard School of Education and Stacey Grossman, ME & Belinda Basco, ME

Special Thanks to

Wildlife Conservation Society

To our friend Dusty Bray

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