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Stanley, the Ugly Duckling (1981)

Opening Credits[]

  • I Like Myself, Inc. Presents
  • A Fine Arts Films Production
  • "Stanley, the Ugly Duckling"
  • Executive Producer: Steve Binder
  • Story, Script, Music & Lyrics by: Norman L. Martin & Lee Pockriss
  • Produced & Directed by: John Wilson

Ending Credits[]

  • "Stanley" Dialog and Musical Soundtrack · Produced by: Norman L. Martin
  • Associate Producer: Angele Wilson
  • Voices:
    • Stanley - Susan Blu
    • Nathan - Jack DeLeon
    • Eagle One - Wolfman Jack
  • with Brian Cummings, Lee Thomas, Rick Dees & Julie McWhorter
  • Storyboard & Continuity: John Wilson, Chris Jenkyns & Coslough Johnson
  • Animation Direction: John Wilson
  • Character Design & Layout: John Wilson, Lee Mishkin, Alan Zaslove, Tony Sgroi, Chris Jenkyns, Ron Maidenberg, Ruth Kissane
  • Animation: Jeff Hale, Frank Terry, Ruth Kissane, Chuck Harvey, Joe Bruno, Dave Brain, Ron Myrick, Leo Sullivan, Frank Gonzalez, Bob Zamboni, Tony Pabian, Gary Trousdale, John Howley, Joe Morrison, Bob Tyler
  • Assistant Animation: Jay Cotton, Phil Babet, Doris Case, Tanya Wilson, Mike Kawesky, Ben Bardens, Andy Wilson
  • Backgrounds: Gil Di Cicco
  • Checking Supervisors: Don Coorough, Jan Cornell, Valerie Gifford
  • Xerox & Paint Supervisors: Pam Heiter, Gary Fishbaugh
  • Ink & Paint & Camera: Kinney Vallas, Inc. · Jay Cox
  • Editors: Mike Kinney, Dee Futch
  • Music Editor: John Caper
  • Additional Music and Arrangements by: Artie Butler
  • Recorded at: Evergreen Studios, Burbank
  • Production Assistant: Andy Wilson
  • A Fine Arts Films Production
  • © 1981 I Like Myself, Inc. All Rights Reserved