Snowball Effect / One Krabs Trash
"Snowball Effect"
Storyboard Directors Aaron Springer
Kent Osborne
Storyboard Artists Mike Roth
Octavio Rodriguez
Vincent Waller
Caleb Meurer
Carson Kugler
Erik Wiese
Zeus Cervas
Written by Aaron Springer
Kent Osborne
Merriwether Williams
Animation Director Frank Weiss
Creative Director Derek Drymon
"One Krabs Trash"
Storyboard Directors C.H. Greenblatt
Jay Lender
Storyboard Artist Carson Kugler
Written by C.H. Greenblatt
Jay Lender
Mark O'Hare
Animation Director Frank Weiss
Creative Director Derek Drymon
Executive Producer Stephen Hillenburg
Supervising Producer Derek Drymon
Line Producer Helen Kalafatic
Art Director Nicholas R. Jennings
Supervising Director Alan Smart
Storyboard Supervisor Sherm Cohen
Executive Story Editor Merriwether Williams
Writers Mark O'Hare
Kent Osborne
Derek Drymon
Stephen Hillenburg
Tom Kenny SpongeBob, Gary, Narrator, Jellyfish, Mad Fish, Skater Fish, Fish #1
Bill Fagerbakke Patrick, Fish #2, Octa-Skeleton, Robot Snowman
Rodger Bumpass Squidward
Clancy Brown Mr. Krabs
Mary Jo Catlett Mrs. Puff
Dee Bradley Baker Umbrella Fish, Fish #4, Smitty
Mr. Lawrence Plankton, Reporter
Sirena Irwin Fish #3, Kid Fish
Marc Weiner Fish #5
Casting Director Maryanne Dacey
Casting Assistants Karie Gima Pham
Lorena Gallego
Shannon Reed
Supervising Recording Engineer Krandal Crews
2nd Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
Original Character Design Stephen Hillenburg
Storyboard Revisionists Karen Heathwood
Carson Kugler
Jay Lender
Mike Bell
Nate Cash
Character & Prop Designers Todd White
Robert Ryan Cory
Casey Alexander
Clint Bond
Clean-Up Artists Derek L'estrange
Casey Alexander
Layout Supervisor Kenny Pittenger
BG Layout Design John Seymore
Paula Spence
Background Painters Peter Bennett
Michael Chen
Color Key Supervisor Teale Reon Wang
Color Stylist Dene Ann Heming
Production Coordinators Michelle Bryan
Marcy Lynn Dewey
Writing Coordinator Melissa Webster
Production Assistants Devon Lombardi
George Rincon
Final Checker Misoon Kim
Post Production Supervisor Eric Weyenberg
Director of Post Production Jason Stiff
Additional Post Production Services Justin Smith
Supervising Picture Editor Christopher Hink
Picture Editor Lynn Hobson
Assistant Editor Jeffrey Michael Adams
CG Supervisor Ernest Chan
CG Animators Christian Evans
Russell Davis
David Wigforss
Animatic Editor Steve Downs
Animation Checking [[Sandy Benenati]]
Sound Supervisors Timothy J. Borquez, M.P.S.E.
Tom Syslo
Sound FX Designer and Editor Jeffrey Hutchins
Sound Editors Roy Braverman
Daisuke Sawa
Eric Freeman
Keith Dickens
Mark Howlett
Bobby Crew
Tom Syslo
Dan Cubert
Rick Rhomadka
Sanaa Cannella
Thomas J. Maydeck
Dialogue Editors
Re-Recording Mixers Eric Freeman
Doug Andorka
Timothy J. Borquez, CAS
Foley Team Monette Becktold
Tony Orozco
Track Reading Oracle Post
L.A. Studios
Salami Studios
Michael Edmonds
Slightly-Off Track
Atlas Oceanic, Inc.
Advantage Audio Services
Music Editor Nicolas Carr
Music Composed by The Blue Hawaiians
Steve Belfer
Eban Schletter
Sage Guyton & Jeremy Wakefield
Nicholas Carr
Music Contributions Lovecat Music
The Surfdusters
"SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" Lyrics by Stephen Hillenburg, Derek Drymon
Composed by Hank Smith Music
Performed by Pat Pinney
DaVinci Colorist Dexter P.
Post Production Services Sabre Media Studios
Hacienda Post
Animation Services Yeson Animation Studios
Animation Director Kwang Jin Know
Animation Services 2nd Unit Toon City Animation, Inc.
Overseas Supervisor Scott Mansz
Live Action Island Footage by Bad Clams Productions, inc.
Title Still Photography by David Frapwell
Stock Footage Provided by Kent Osborne
Getty Images
Fish Films Footage World
Developed by Derek Drymon
Tim Hill
Nicholas R. Jennings
Special Thanks To Rough Draft Studios
United Plankton Studios
Jimmy Lifton
Paulette Lifton
Rob McIntyre
D.J. Lynch
Vincent Guisetti
Monique Reymond
Aron Tanchum
Margie Cohn
Steven Banks
Mark Taylor
Claudia Spinelli
Nickelodeon Studios
Paramount Home Entertainment
Post Production Coordinator Alicia Parkinson
Machine Room Operator Chris Hoetger
For Cartoon Network Studios
Executive Producer Brian A. Miller
Supervising Producer Jennifer Pelphrey
Executives in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network Linda Simensky
Khaki Jones
Executive Producer Stephen Hillenburg
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