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Opening Titles[edit | edit source]

  • "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!"
    • © 1970 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

Ending Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Produced and Directed by: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • Co-Producer: Alex Lovy
  • Story Editors: Ken Spears, Joe Ruby
  • Story: Larz Bourne, Tom Dagenais, Bill Lutz
  • Story Direction: Bob Singer, Paul Sommer, Howard Swift
  • Voices: Nicole Jaffe, George A. Robertson, Jr., Casey Kasem, Hal Smith, Don Messick, John Stephenson, Heather North, Susan Steward, Vic Perrin, Michael Stull, Barry Richards, Jean Vander Pyl, Frank Welker, Keye Luke
  • Animation Director: Charles A. Nichols
  • Production Design: Iwao Takamoto
  • Production Supervisor: Victor O. Schipek
  • Layout: Bob Singer, Dick Bickenbach, Mike Arens, Gary Hoffman, Rick Gonzalez, Terry Slade, Jack Huber, Mo Gollub, Alex Ignatiev, Jim Fletcher, Mario Uribe
  • Animation: George Rowley, Bill Keil, Ray Abrams, Isadore Ellis, Volus Jones, Carlos Alfonso, George Goepper, Dick Lundy
  • Background Styling: F. Montealegre
  • Backgrounds: Rene Garcia, Curtis Perkins, Richard Khim, Gino Giudice, Bob Gentle, Gary Niblett, Peter Van Elk, Eric Semones
  • Titles: Robert Schaefer
  • Music Supervision: La La Productions
  • Music Director: Ted Nichols
  • Technical Supervisor: Frank Paiker
  • Animation Checkers: Debra Bainum, Marceil Ferguson, Patricia Helmuth, Betty MacGowen, Grace McCurdy, Maggie Raymond, Natalie Yates
  • Final Checker: Katherine Victor
  • Ink & Paint Supervisor: Roberta Greutert
  • Ink and Paint: Judy Champin, Tasia Erickson, Karan Lee-Storr, Hetta Van Elk, Katherine Victor
  • Xerography: Robert "Tiger" West
  • Sound Direction: Richard Olson, Bill Getty
  • Editorial Supervisor: Larry Cowan
  • Music Editor: Joe Sandusky
  • Effects Editors: Earl Bennett, Ron Sawade
  • Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer
  • Post Production: Joed Eaton
  • Camera: George Epperson, Roy Wade, Ralph Migliori, Bill Kotler, Jerry Whittington
  • A Hanna-Barbera Production
  • This picture has made the jurdisction of I.A.T.S.E.-IA, affiliated with A.F.L.-C.L.O.
  • RCA Sound Recording
  • © 1970 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

Closing Logos[edit | edit source]

  • HB · A Hanna-Barbera Production · A division of Taft Broadcasting Company
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