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Opening Logos

  • Troublemaker Studios

Opening Titles

  • Troublemaker Pictures and Amblin Entertainment presents
  • In Association with Amblimation

Ending Credits

  • Special Vocal Effects: Frank Welker
  • ADR Voice Casting by: Barbera Harris
  • San Francisco Casting: Hayes and Van Horn Casting David Nelson
  • New York Casting Associate: Matt Messinger


  • Score Orchestrated and Score Conducted by: Danny Troob
  • Score Produced by: Alan Menken
  • Executive Music Producer: Chris Montan
  • Music Supervisor: Tom McDougall
  • Vocal Arrangements by: David Friedman
  • Music Recorded and Mixed by: John Richards
  • Additional Score Orchestrations by: Michael Starobin. Doug Besterman
  • Music Recorded at: Todd-AO Scoring, Signet Sound Studios, The Hit Factory, Paramount Stage M, Sony Music Studios/New York
  • Recording Assistants: Tom Hardisty, David Marquette, Paul Wertheimer
  • Orchestra Contractor: Ken Watson
  • Vocal Contractor: David Friedman
  • Music Preparation: Dominic Fidelibus
  • Supervising Music Editor: Kathleen Fogarty-Bennett
  • Assistant Music Editor: Brion McIntosh
  • Music Production Supervisor: Tod Cooper


  • Associate Editor: John K. Carr
  • First Assistant Editor: Carol Folgate, Tim Mertens
  • Dialogue Editors: Curt Schulkey, James Melton
  • Assistant Editors: Mary Blee, Barbara Gerety, Eric C. Daroca, Audrey Chang, Jacqueline Kinney, Deirdre Hepburn, Pamela G. Kimber, James Melton
  • Second Assistant Editors: Anna Solorio-Catalano, Hermann H. Schmidt, Deirdre Hepburn
  • Additional Editing: Ellen Keneshea, Sandy Nervig
  • Presentation Assistant Editor: Darren Holmes
  • Avid Assistant Editor: Bill Shaffer
  • Animation Editors: James Melton, Hermann H. Schmidt, Gregory Perler
  • Florida Editorial Staff: Chuck Williams, Beth Ann Collins, Beth Collins-Stegmaier, Kat Connolly

Industrial Light And Magic

  • Visual Effects Producers: Tom Kennedy, Ned Gorman
  • Visual Effects Supervisors: Alex Seiden, John Knoll, Dave Carson, Stephen Williams, Dennis Muren, Joseph Letteri, Bruce Nicholson
  • Second Unit Director & Cameraman: Joe Murray
  • Visual Effects Art Directors: Ty Ruben Ellingson, Mark Moore
  • Computer Graphics Supervisor: John Berton
  • Visual Effects Editor: David Tanaka
  • Digital Color Timing Supervisor: Bruce Vecchitto
  • Sabre Group Supervisor: Daniel McNamara
  • Digital Scanning Supervisor: Joshua Pines
  • Visual Effects Coordinators: Margaret Lynch, Lisa Todd
  • Computer Graphics Artists: Karen Ansel, Mark Austin, Amelia Chenoweth, Terry Chostner, David Deuber, Natasha Devaud, Selwyn Eddy, Howard Gersh, Paul Giacoppo, Joanne Hafner, James Hagedorn, Carol Hayden, Matt Hendershot, Guy Hudson, Stewart Lew, Jodie Maier, Greg Maloney, Stuart Maschwitz, Julie Neary, Kerry Nordquist, Scott Pasko, Damian Steel, Danny Taylor, Paul Theren, James Tooley, Chris Townsend, Timothy Waddy
  • Digital Matte Artists: Paul Huston, William Mather, Yusei Uesugi
  • Sabre Artists: Rita Zimmerman, Chad Taylor, Grant Guenin
  • Software Development: Christian Rouet, Rod Bogart, Brian Knep
  • Production Engineering: Fred Meyers, Gary Meyer, Marty Miramontez
  • Digital Plate Restoration Artists: Alan Bailey, Scott Bonnenfant, Corey Rosen
  • Negative Supervisor: Doug Jones
  • Assistant Visual Effects Editors: Angela Leaper, Forest Key, Scott Balcerek
  • Digital Production Assistants: Kela Hicks, Ronn Brown
  • Animatics Artist: David Dozoretz
  • CG Resource Managers: Nancy Jill Luckoff, Lam Van To
  • CG Production Manager: Suzie Vissitzky Tooley
  • Pixar: Thomas Hahn, Peter Nye, Michael A. Shantzis
  • Troublemaker: Robert Rodriguez, Rick Ace, Elizabeth Avellan

Post Production

  • Post Production Manager: Sara Duran
  • Post Production Supervisor: Deborah Edell Underwood
  • Post Production Administrator: Margaret Yu
  • Post Production Coordinator: Heather Jane MacDonald-Smith
  • Video Post Production Coordinator: Robert H. Bagley
  • Post Production Engineer: Michael Kenzi Tomizawa
  • Post Production Sound Services by: Skywalker Sound · A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd., Company, Marin County, California
  • Sound Effects by: Dick Maitland, Soundelux
  • Sound Designer and Supervisor: Gary Rydstrom
  • Additional Optical Effects: Harry Walton/Image FX Michael Hinton/Interformat
  • Re-Recorded at: Buena Vista Sound Studios
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Terry Porter, C.A.S., Mel Metcalfe, Dean Zupancic
  • Original Dialogue Recording: Doc Kane
  • Supervising Sound Editors: Larry Kemp, Lon E. Bender
  • ADR Supervisor: Curt Schulkey
  • Sound Effects Editors: Scott Martin Gershin, M.P.S.E., Rick Morris, Alan Rankin, Joseph Phillips, Peter J. Lehman, Brian McPherson, Anthony Miceli
  • Foley Editors: Neal J. Anderson, Patrick N. Sellers
  • Dialogue Editors: Dan Rich, Chris Hogan
  • Assistant Sound Editors: Victor R. Ennis, Elizabeth Tobin Kurtz, David Stanke
  • Additional Audio: Kim Waugh
  • Foley by: Warner Hollywood Studios, TAJ Soundworks, Buena Vista Sound East
  • Foley Artists: John Roesch, Alicia Stevenson, Catherine Rowe, Vanessa Theme Ament, Ellen Heuer, Joe Sabella, Hilda Hodges
  • Foley Recorded by: Greg Orloff
  • Recordist: Carolyn Tapp
  • Dubbing Recordist: Jeannette Browning Hernandez
  • PDL: Judy Nord
  • Additional Dialogue Recorded by: Bob Baron, Gary Littell, Vince Caro
  • ADR Editors: Larry Singer, Thomas Whiting
  • ADR Mixers: Bob Baron, Doc Kane, Vince Caro, Thomas J. O'Connell
  • ADR Recordist: Rick Canelli
  • Optical Supervisor: Mark Dornfeld
  • Optical Consultant: Peter Montgomery
  • Optical Camera: Allen Gonzales, S.O.C.
  • Didgeridoo by: Adam Rudolph
  • Recorded in: Ultra Stereo
  • Stereo Consultants: Bruce Murphy, Daniel W. Victor
  • Film Recording: Gregory Ercolano, Joshua Pines
  • Dolby Stereo Consultant: Steve F.B. Smith
  • Black and White Processing: Joe Parra, John White
  • Negative Cutting by: Buena Vista Negative Cutting
  • Optical Effects by: Perpetual Motion Pictures
  • Additional Optical Effects by: The Howard Anderson Company, Harry Walton/Image FX Michael Hinton/Interformat
  • Opticals by: Cinema Research Corporation, Pacific Title
  • End Credits by: Pacific Title
  • Titles and Opticals by: Buena Vista Imaging
  • Projection: Don Henry, Ken Moore, Deem Rahall
  • Process Lab: Joe Parra, John White, Joe Holmes, Rick Engels
  • Telecine Operator: Robert J. Hansen
  • Lux Laser Film Recording Provided by: Digital Filmworks, Inc.
  • Film Processing: Medallion Film Laboratories Co., Ltd.
  • Computer Systems Graphics: Image West, Ltd. and The Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project
  • Animation Production by: Walt Disney Feature Animation
  • Executive in Charge of Production for Walt Disney Pictures: Christian Kaplan, Jeffrey Katzenberg
  • Executive in Charge of Production for Sony Wonder: Becky Mancuso-Winding

Special Edition Crew

  • Producer: Rick McCallum
  • Editor: T.M. Christopher
  • Sound Designer: Ben Burtt
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Gary Summers
  • Assistant Editor: Samuel Hinckley
  • Sound Editor: Teresa Eckton
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Robert Marty
  • Re-Recordist: Ronald G. Roumas
  • Digital Mix Technician: Gary A. Rizzo
  • Archivist: Tim Fox
  • Optical Supervisor: Phillip Feiner, Chris Bushman
  • Film Restoration Supervisor: Pete Comandini
  • Color Timer: Robert J. Raring
  • Negative Continuity: Ray Sabo
  • Negative Cutting by: Buena Vista Negative Cutting
  • Post Production Executive: Ted Gagliano
  • Special Edition Digital Remastering Provided By: Skywalker Sound A Lucas Digital Ltd. Company
  • De-Hiss Processing By: Cedar Dh-1, Hhb Communications Inc.
  • Film Restoration Consultant: Leon Briggs
  • Optical Restoration: Pacific Title & Art Studio
  • Film Restoration By: YCM Laboratories
  • Assistant Editor (Visual Effects): Forest Key

Music Restoration

Sony Music Studios, New York

  • Producer: Lousie de la Fuente
  • Executive Producer: Laura Mitgang
  • Mix Engineer: Rob Rapley
  • Restoration Engineer: Darcy Proper
  • Assistant Mix Engineer: Jen Wyler
  • Audio Consultant: David Smith

Film Restoration


  • Digital Restoration Supervisor: Jerry Pooler
  • Digital Restoration Producer: Ariana Lingenfelser
  • Digital Restoration Coordinator: Richard A. Benoit

Richard Purdum Productions

Dick Purdum, Jill Thomas

Special Thanks To

Geraldine Keams, Hany Geiogamah, Ben Campisi, Dana Coccara, Melissa Dino, Danny Epstein, Ted Gardner, Ellen Lewis Gideon, Ellen Goldfader, Ted Green, Eric Greenspan, Karen Ialacci, Nan Halperin, Andy Kadison, Marjorie Kalins, Ann Kearns, Wendy Moss, Chuck Nakivell, Vicky Newman, Jodi Nussbaum, John Phillips, Renee Rachelle, Arlene Sherman, Deborah Strafella, Neil Sullivan, Daphne Walter, Alan Winnikoff

  • Locations courtesy of Conan O'Brien, MTV Networks, Radio City Music Hall
  • Taped at Sony Music Studios, NYC
  • Thank you to the Walt Disney Feature Animation Support Staff and our families. Your patience and dedication bring honor to us all.
  • Walt Disney Feature Animation are trademarks and service marks of Children's Television Workshop.
  • © MCMXCV Troublemaker Pictures and Amblin Entertainment All Rights Reserved
  • This motion picture was created by Walt Disney Pictures and Television for purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom.
  • The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  • This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.
  • Soundtrack Available on Cassette and Compact Disc from Walt Disney Records
  • Video Game and CD-ROM Available from Disney Interactive
  • Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.
  • If you experienced any conditions that detracted from the theatrical presentation of the film, please call 1-800-PHONE THX or visit
  • Quality assurance services were provided by the THX Theater Alignment Program.
  • Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

Closing Logos

  • Amblin Entertainment
  • Amblimation
  • Troublemaker Studios