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Big House Blues (1990).png

Opening Credits

  • "Big House Blues"
  • Story by: John K., Bob Camp, Jim Smith
  • Produced & Directed by: John Kricfalus and Pete Docter

Ending Credits

  • Layout: Jim Smith, Lynne Naylor
  • Design: John Kricfalusi, Jim Smith, Lynne Naylor
  • Backgrounds: Bob Camp, John Kricfalusi
  • Storyboard: John Kricfalusi, Bob Camp, Jim Smith, Lynne Naylor
  • Supervising Animator: Jeff Varab
  • Animation: Lynne Naylor, Bob Jaques, Kelly Armstrong, John K., Dave Feiss, Ron Zorman, Andy Bartlett, Jim Smith, Moose Pagan
  • Assistant Animators: Oliver Wade, Joseph Orrantia, Jordan Reichek, Julian Chaney, Sam Fleming, Carey Yost, Garret Ho, Jan Naylor, Ken Davis
  • FX: Joe Gilliand
  • Titles: Libby Simon
  • Voice of Phil: Hendry
  • Vocal FX: Bob Camp
  • Ink & Paint by: Bardel
  • Brush - Inking by: Marie Haws, Barry Ward, Bill Schwartz, Gary Lambeth, Andrew Glavina, Della Tokevich, Young Hee Ahn
  • Ink & Paint Supervisor: Grëasëball
  • Painters: Ted Ahn, Julia Bachelor, Andrek Brakavieck, Dave Fox, Dön Fuller, Gator Laquerre, Steve Micvittie, Andy Pye, Lyra Riley, Chris Templeman, Leah Waldron, Steve Woodley, Teresa Foley
  • Final Checkers: Steve Meyers, Jamie Jones, Greg Zbitnew, Gary Lambeth Esq.
  • Cameras: Al Sens Animations Ltd.
  • Production Team: Henry Porch, Barry Ward, Delna Bhesania, Athena DeCelles, Monica Luciani
  • Voices: Jim Smith, Billy West, Brian Chin, Cheryl Hudock, John K., Lynne Naylor
  • Editing: Steve Nafshun, John Bushelman, Sam Horta, Michael Bradley, Mark Crookston, Timothy Borquez
  • Sound Mix: Irv Nafshun
  • Sound Effects Editing: Horta Editorial
  • Sound Supervisor: Andrea Horta
  • Sound Editors: Sam Horta, Michael Bradley, Mark Crookston, Timothy Borquez
  • Sound Designers: Sam Horta, Timothy Borquez
  • Foley Editors: Eileen Horta, Les Wolf
  • Executive Producer: Vanessa Coffey
  • Featuring the Big-Beat of
    • Die Screaming Leiderhôsens
      • Guitar - Jimmy "Jelly-Röel" Smith
      • Bass - Rocco "T-Bone" Reccardi
      • Skins -Scott "Bund-Lemøn" Hüml
  • Recorded at: Foothill Studios
  • Enginner: Charlie Brisette
  • Music Editors: William B. Griggs, Sam Horta
  • Hideous Screams+Cackles: Pierre De Celles

Closing Logos and Copyright Screen

  • Get Your Shrink Takes from Carbunkle Cartoons
  • Spümcø · The Danes call it "Quality"
  • Nickelodeon
  • ©1990 MTV Networks