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Pig Mystery
"Pig Mystery"
Written by Ben Gruber
Mr. Lawrence
Clare O'Kane
Storyboard Directors Benjamin Arcand
Mike Dougherty
John Trabbic
Animation Directors Alan Smart
Tom Yasumi
Co-Executive Producers Marc Ceccarelli
Jennie Monica
Vincent Waller
Executive Producer Stephen Hillenburg
Special Guest Peter Browngardt
Art Director Peter Bennett
Story Editor Mr. Lawrence
Animation Writers Luke Brookshier

Andrew Goodman


Supervising Director Alan Smart
Production Manager Dominika Smetek
Associate Director Bob Camp
Storyboard Artists Dylan Bozic
Dylan King
Mike Dougherty
Simon Edwards
David Gemmill
Maureen Mascarina
Kurt Snyder
Eddie Trigueros
Ian Vazquez
Scott Underwood
Storyboard Revisionists April Pinkie Davis
Ray Morelli
Brad Vandergrift
Animatic Editors Adam Arnold
Estrella Miyakawa Capin
Cast of "Pig Mystery"
Tom Kenny SpongeBob, Cheeseburger B, French Narrator, Pig Announcer, Jellyfish, Sand Castles, Nutshell, Shell
Bill Fagerbakke Mario, Customer #67, TV Announcer, Old Walker, Male Fish, Accountant Fish, Workout Fish
Rodger Bumpass Squidward, Doctor, Uncle Fish
Clancy Brown Captain Falcon, Security Guard
Mr. Lawrence Plankton, P.A., Announcer, Fish #55, Reporter, Muscle Fish, Fish #62
Tom Allos The Tellies
Amelie Smith Peppa, Woman Fish
Vincent Waller Fish #1, Daddy
Keith Dickens Daddy Dog
Peter Browngardt Ice Cream King
Voice Director Tom Kenny
Casting Directors Lorena Gallego
Shannon Reed
Casting Assistant Natalie Dicianna
Director of Audio Production/Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
Recording Engineers Matt Corey
Ryan Greene
Dialogue Editor Michael Petak
Script Coordinator Danny Giovannini
Production Coordinators Ben Kurzrock
Emily Merl
Production Assistants Yasmine Ebeed
Brain Christensen Zapiecki
Executive Assistant Brain Koonce
Original Character Design Stephen Hillenburg
Character Designers Mark Colangelo
Harley Huang
Ginny Hawes
Junpei Takayama
Will Terrell
Carey Yost
Prop Designers Aaron Painter
Colton Davis
Isaac Marzioli
Background Supervisor Olga Gerdjikov
Background Layout Designers Colton Davis
Marco Cinello
Kenny Pittenger
Color Key Supervisor Teal Reon Wang
Color Stylists Dene Ann Heming
Emily Merl
Background Painters Ann Lee
Lucy Tanashian-Gentry