A Family Circus Easter (1982).png

Opening Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Cullen-Kasdan Productions Presents
  • "A Family Circus Easter"
  • Based on "The Family Circus" Created by: Bill Keane
  • Featuring: Mommy, Daddy, Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, PJ and a Surprise Celebrity
  • Produced by: Edward F. Cullen
  • Written by: Joseph C. Cavella
  • Directed by: Dave Brain

Ending Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Associate Producer: Saul Kasdan
    • Mommy..Anne Costello
    • Daddy....Bob Kaliban
    • Billy..Mark McDermott
    • Dolly......Missy Hope
    • Jeffy....Nathan Berg
    • and PJ
    • with Dizzy Gillespie as the Easter Bunny
  • Music Composed and Conducted by: Tom McIntosh
    • Easter Bunny's Song
      • "Now You See It.. Now You Don't"
      • Lyrics by: Gerry Glombecki
      • Music by: Tom McIntosh
      • Sung by: Dizzy Gillespie with Missy Hope
    • Dolly's Song
      • "Hey There, Easter Bunny"
      • Lyrics by: Gerry Glombecki
      • Music by: Tom McIntosh
      • Sung by: Missy Hope
  • Animation by: KWE
  • Storyboard, Layout & Backgrounds: Roy Wilson
  • Models: Glen Keane
  • Editor: Sam Horta
  • Post Production Sound Services: Horta Editorial and Sound, Inc.
  • Production Manager: Paul Shively
  • Production Services & Camera: Take-One
  • A Cullen-Kasdan Production
  • Based on "The Family Circus" by: Bill Keane
  • © 1982 by Cullen-Kasdan Productions, Ltd. and the Register & Tribune Syndicate, Inc.
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